Second Runner Up (3rd Place)

For this day, we had an event wherein other schools in our area battle up in a quiz competition; this contest is what we call “Singkatalino”. So the participants of this competition compose of five students per school. The title for the competition was derived from the words cinco which is Spanish for five and talino which is Tagalog for intelligence. Hence cinco + talino = Singkatalino, can be defined as five intellectual students.

So I got picked to become one of the five members to represent our school. The only competitors are grade 6 students and grade 10 students of our school and of course the other school. The grade 6 students did a great job and they actually managed to become the champion for the grade 6 competitors. On the other hand, we got 3rd place, or as they call it “Second runner up”. We didn’t actually have the time to review thoroughly, but hey… at least we got a place. That’s better than nothing.


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