Practices and Practices

For this month, we the grade 10 and also the grade 9 students are going to have a what you can call a JS Prom. Well, its name has been changed to High School Night the reason being that we aren’t really considered as junior or senior high school students anymore. We are referred to as the grade 10 and grade 9 students; senior high school students are grade 11 and 12. So yeah, that’s the reason why the name is changed into “High School Night”.

The day after February 14, which is February 15, all we did at class was to practice and practice for the upcoming dance presentation on the 16th. The High School Night event is scheduled on the 16th of February… so a whole day of practicing before the event takes place. If you’re wondering what the dance is all about; every section is tasked to present one modern and one classical dance. So yeah, it’s pretty much a competition between the grade 10 and grade 9 students.


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