It Will Backfire To Us

Lately, we were having quite a lot of free times in our class schedule. Some teachers were not attending our class due to absence, or due to faculty meetings. Great for us students, right? Well actually, it is not… I have a feeling that those free times would backfire to us and would give us more work for the remaining months, especially February, where we will conduct our research and do our defense for it.

As Newton’s third law of motion says: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A classmate of mine agreed with this statement, and also the same for me. We both had the feeling that the whole class would really have a hard time for the upcoming next month, which is February. We defined the month of February as a month full of procrastination, stress, and tears… but mostly tears.


2 thoughts on “It Will Backfire To Us”

  1. Teachers cancelling classes will always leave us students happy and sad at the same time. Happy because we don’t have to attend to our current class. Sad because we now that our current class will be replaced the next week which will make the already busy week, busier.

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