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Blog Update: Awards and Challenges

I should have announced this update a month ago, but I keep forgetting and I keep getting lazier each day.  Now, I finally remembered to write about this update, again.

If you would look back to my previous posts, you would know that my laptop broke, right? After getting my laptop repaired, I decided to upgrade the OS of the laptop. It went from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate, which is pretty nice and decent. I backed up my important documents and files, and the C: drive got formatted to enable the laptop to be upgraded. So, here’s how it is. I bookmark the awards and challenges that I get, and I forgot to back up my bookmarks on Google Chrome. Now, I have no idea what awards and challenges I got and it seems that I can’t recover the bookmarks that I’ve made.

Sadly, I won’t be able to write about those awards and challenges for now.  I’ll just leave those things in the past for now. Yeah, I know I said that I’ll do them sooner or later in the past, but it seems that I can’t do them anymore. So, sorry guys if I won’t be able to write about the awards and challenges that you have nominated me last year.
Yep, procrastination, you win this time.