Rrowbyte Now on Its 200th Post


For this day, I’ve now written 200 blog entries since I started blogging. That’s pretty much 200 Posts in 2 years, so that’s quite a lot; a lot of topics that I’ve written indeed.

Well… I’ll continue to write more blogs for the next few months or so; another 12 blog entries for the month of February if you guys are wondering. For the succeeding month like March or so on and so forth, maybe I’ll take a break for a while. Maybe I’ll post sometimes, but fewer posts compared to the earlier months. The reason is because after the month of March, our school year has already ended. So, I would most likely relax for the time being and fresh my mind from thinking what topics to write about.

Thank you everyone for supporting this little blog of mine. I may not write too often but I’ve met some great other bloggers with similar interests by doing this kind of activity. I’m grateful that I’ve created this blog and put myself into the anime blogging community. As always, thanks everyone.


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