ReLife – Overview


Kaizaki Arata is a 27 year old man who’s in the process of looking for another job after quitting his last company which he had only worked for 3 months. He seems to fail most of his job interviews resulting in him turning into an NEET.

One night, he met a strange man named Yoake Ryou; this man works at the ReLife Research Institute. He offered Kaizaki Arata a job if he will take part in the one year experiment of Yoake Ryou’s company. It was fair enough for Kaizaki as the company will cover up the expenses for the one year experiment and after it ends, a job will be immediately offered depending on the outcome of the experiment.

All Kaizaki was supposed to do was to take a drug which will then turn his appearance back into 17 years old. The task is to live life as a high school student again for a year. Being drunk the other night, Kaizaki Arata took the drug and later turned into a 17 year old boy in the morning. A 27 year old man in a 17 year old boy’s body… can Kaizaki Arata be able to adapt to a restart of life, a life of being a high school student once again?





+ High school life themed anime/manga yay!

+ Interesting character personalities.

+ Good for the laughs.

+ Can get somewhat emotional.



– You might hate a character with a stubborn tsundere personality.

– That’s all of I can think of lol.


11 thoughts on “ReLife – Overview”

  1. I had more expectations from ReLife, but it turned out pretty bad. The story, which had a strong premise, was rather cliché and boring. I didn’t like the romance hints either and the characters were just annoying. It’s a good thing they released all the episodes at once, I don’t think the series would have had as much success as it had.

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