Koe no Katachi (Manga) – 150 Words Summary

koe no katachi 1 cover


Ishida Shouya is an adventurous boy and calls himself as a daredevil when he was in grade school. A new student by the name of Nishimiya Shouko, transferred to his class. The transferred student then revealed to the class that she has a disability, she is deaf. Knowing her disability, Shouya started to pick on her. Day after day, he started to bully her, not knowing that the result of his actions would cause Nishimiya to transfer to another school. His classmates then began to shun him and judged every action that he did. Shouya was then isolated and lost his friends. Five years later, Shouya becomes a loner and he distrusts everybody and marks every people’s faces with an ‘X’ as a sign of distrust. He then meets Nishimiya Shouko again in his high years. Now, Ishida Shouya is determined to right what he did wrong to Nishimiya Shouko.


+ Talks about the meaning of friendship.

+ It shows the effect of bullying other people.

+ It makes you understand why a person decides to commit suicide.



– Doesn’t have that much romance in the story.

– The MC can sometimes be really dense.

– A cliffhanger ending.


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