150 Words Anime/Manga Summary


If you guys would notice, or have actually noticed it before, I stopped doing anime reviews a long time ago. I stopped writing reviews most likely 3 of more months ago. For now, I want to bring back the writing of anime reviews, but instead I’ll just make it into a 150 words anime or manga summary. I know the feeling of writing a full length review is really time consuming and it’s really hard to think about something to write. So, I’ve thought up of a solution for me to bring back writing reviews and at the same time consume less time. Well, it’s not actually a full detailed review, it’s rather more of an anime or manga summary rather than an anime or manga review. I’ll try my best to summarize each story that I’ll write about. It may not be very detailed, but at least I’ll be able to give you an overview on what the story is like or about.


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