Tokyo Ghoul Gets a Live-Action Film Adaptation

The wrap-around jacket band on the seventh volume of Sui Ishida‘sTokyo Ghoul:re manga announced on Thursday that Ishida’s original Tokyo Ghoul manga will get a live-action film.

Ishida serialized Tokyo Ghoul in Shueisha‘s Weekly Young Jump from 2011 to 2014, and is now serializing Tokyo Ghoul:reTokyo Ghoulinspired two anime series, several OVAs, PlayStation Vita and smartphone games, and a stage play.


I have mixed feeling about Tokyo Ghoul having a live action movie adaptation. Normally, live action films tend to be not that really good in general. Though, there are some live action films that I’ve watched that really resembled the anime or manga and it was really good; there are also live action films that have different stories and is completely original from the manga or anime.

One example of a good live action film adaptation that I’ve watched is AnoHana. For me, I personally think that the live action film adaptation of AnoHana captured the same emotions like in the anime. That’s what made it good and made it really emotional to watch. A live action movie adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul on the other hand is rather really hard to think if it’s going to be good. One problem is the theme of the movie. Of course the story involves ghouls, a human-like creature that has blood tentacles (kagune) coming out of its back, so it would need a lot of good effects and good CGI for it to please the viewers.

Most of the people think that how the Japanese use CGIs is not that really good. Well, the TG live action movie is totally going to have CGI in it. So, I have doubts that if it’s going to be a good movie or it would end up being a crappy one instead.


10 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Gets a Live-Action Film Adaptation”

    1. I’m having doubts about this live-action. Yeah, I’m also getting the feeling that it would be so bad that it’s good.
      I don’t know anything about the Ghostbusters 2016, but is it good or nah?


  1. My concern with Tokyo Ghoul as a live action (other than terrible speical effects) is just how violent and gore filled the anime is. While I don’t mind it in anime, I think it may be hard to watch with real people.

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    1. If they could make the bloods realistic, then I wouldn’t mind the gore and violence with real people. My concern is the kagune. I’m doubting if the kagune would look ok or it would look really crappy.

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  2. I’m curious on how will look like. I am currently watching the first season of Tokyo Ghoul and I don’t think it will be easy to capture the same feel as the anime. Still, it would be interesting to see what they do.

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    1. True. The atmosphere that you feel from the anime is really different than the atmosphere that you feel from a live-action film. Though, I agree that it would be interesting on what would be the result of it.

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