Escaping Procrastination: Impossibru

For me to procrastinate over something is a common thing for me. If there’s a task that needs to be done immediately, I would most likely start to laze around and do it later before I go to sleep. That’s the reason why I stay up late most of the time. I usually wait till the stress calms down before I start doing my work.

Now, for this time, I think my procrastination over things are getting out of hand. Even with a simple task, I still delay it and I start to goof around, maybe play some games or just lie in bed and think about all sorts of randomness.

What I hate is I even procrastinate when I would watch anime. Sometimes I want to watch the series that I stopped watching for like 3 months ago (It’s Soul Eater and I’m stuck on Ep 36), but then I would start to get lazy and go to sleep instead.  I think I’m getting lazier and lazier as the years pass by. I would want this laziness to lessen, if possible; I wouldn’t want it to vanish completely either, because if I would be too much hardworking, most likely that would happen is the stress would build up and it’s way even worse than procrastination.


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