A Brisk Week

For all the activities that have happened in the past days, I’m still left stressed out because of the amount of activities that we had. Even though tomorrow’s going to be weekend, I’m wondering why I’m still stressed out. Though, I can say that I’m starting to get relaxed as another busy week as ended, but there’s always that one or more tasks that is due for next week.

I know that I can start it this weekend, but I’m having trouble in HOW and WHEN I should start doing it. Which homework should I do first, this one, or this one? What time should I start doing it; in the morning, or at noon, or at night? There’s always these questions boggling my mind, as a result, it slows down my process of doing the work and usually ends up in me doing it later.

Those are the same questions that have been in my mind for the past weeks or so. I always overthink a lot, and to me, it’s not a good thing as I tend to get lazy and it’s getting me nowhere. Though, I’ll say that relaxation is a good thing, but do not overdo it as it would make you lazier and lazier each time you refuse to do your work.


5 thoughts on “A Brisk Week”

    1. Yeah, I do that sometimes. In some cases, I do the hard stuff first because it’s a lot more time consuming, then I proceed to do the easier works after I’ve finished doing the hard works.

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      1. That’s another good idea. At least with the hard ones, once your finish, it’s easy at the end of the line. Let’s just hope the hard ones don’t give you a headache afterwords.

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