A Random Game Idea

So, I and my classmate were talking about random topics at school in our free time. We suddenly got to the topic of talking about games. First, we thought of what Durarara!! would look like if it would be made into a game. My friend suggested that it would have a similar gameplay like in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, except it would have many characters fighting each other. It is to bring the experience of a gang war fight. So, it’s basically a fighting game, but here’s the catch, there would be separate stories for every character of the game, but it would connect to the stories of the other characters near the ending. Remember that Durarara!! has many characters. A lot of scenes have happened in the anime in just one episode. Basically, first you must finish a character’s arc, but you won’t be able to see the ending but instead proceed to another character arc. In short, you will play all the major characters in Durarara!! and after you finish the last character, the ending would be revealed and the stories of all the characters would be connected to each other.


Then I came up of an idea where you play a game and also at the same time watch something like an anime episode. So, for example: there would be a normal anime time length episode (around 20 minutes) then after the episode it will proceed to the game where your choices influence the flow of the story and the episodes. The idea is kind of similar to a visual novel, except it would have episodes and the gameplay would be pretty much a third person point of view. It would also affect the story on how you would play the game. For example: you chose to kill many civilians instead of sparing them, that would change the story and also the episodes of the game. So, it’s like playing a game and also at the same time, watching something like a series.



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