Last night, I stayed up till 3 am because of the amount of homework that were given yesterday. I started doing my homework at around 9 pm and I got to finish it before the clock hits 3 o’clock midnight.


Normally when I have classes, I would wake up at around 5 am. So, if I slept at around 3 am, I would be only getting 2 hours of amount of sleep, which is not good for me since I would surely fall asleep in class.


A while ago, I woke up at exactly 6:40 am. I hurriedly went downstairs because I will be late for class (school here starts at 7:00 am). Then my mom told me that why am I such in a hurry. She told me that there are no classes today due to the heavy rain.


By hearing that, I sighed with relief and I immediately went back to bed without hesitation. I got to fully recover my sleeping hours because of the class suspension lol.



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