Whenever there’s a task that needs to be done, I always procrastinate a lot.

I guess you could say that…….


I’m a pROWcrastinator.


I’ll let myself out.

But seriously, it’s really tough for me to start working on my tasks right away. I always get lazy when I think about doing it, and the result is I delay doing it most of the time. That’s why I always stay up late to finish my assignments because of how I procrastinate a lot and also being lazy af. I know I’m wasting time but I can’t seem to help myself to stop wasting time. I usually just scroll on my facebook newsfeed and look at anime news. The worst way of me wasting time is playing games, which I’m not supposed to do. By playing games, time goes a lot faster for me and as soon as I realize time, it’s already late and I haven’t started doing my tasks. Just like today. Yep, I played PayDay 2 before doing my assignments. Well, I can’t help it, my friends were online on Steam…..So……just one game…..just one.



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