Blog Update: Back Once Again

School started a week ago and we already had a lot of planned things to do for the whole school year. So, one thing that we’ll be doing once again is blogging. This time, it’s a bit different than last time. As you remember, last year it was 20 blogs per month. But for now, we’re required to make 3 blog entries per week.  So, it seems that it will be a lot easier for this school year because of the reduced number of blog entries. For this week, we’re required to make 6 blog entries because our teacher decided to include last week’s number requirement. So, next next week would be 3 blogs per week and the following weeks and so on and so forth. The blog content is the same as always. So, I’ll be sticking with my blog’s topics like last year. So, it would be anime, games, and random stuffs. The same as before.


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