1 Year Blog Anniversary


I have nothing much to say, but I want to thank everyone for supporting this small blog that I’ve made for our English project in our school last year. To be honest, I didn’t really expect myself that I’m going to continue writing blogs even though it’s already the end of the project. I know a lot of my schoolmates already stopped writing blogs because the project’s already finished. After knowing that, I thought to myself if I should also stop blogging. But, I decided to just continue it. There’s no turning back lol.

If you’re followed to my blog site since the month of June 2015 to March 2016, you’ll notice that I wrote a lot back then. To be exact, I wrote a lot of anime reviews. But, now I rarely write anime reviews, and I also post fewer blog posts compared to before. The reason is because the month of June 2015 to March 2016 has a certain amount of blog posts needed for our project. But, now that the project’s finished, I can post whenever I can and whenever I want. The result of my freedom of making blogs made me lazy to write about something lol. So, I hope that explains why I rarely post about something.

Once again, thank you everyone for supporting this blog. I’ve met a lot of great and awesome people in my 1 year experience of blogging, and I really appreciate it. So, stay tuned to what the future has planned for this blog.



22 thoughts on “1 Year Blog Anniversary”

      1. Yeah it sounds like it. If you like to blog about your interest, you should keep going. Who’s stopping you? After that class, I used my blog on anime and other interests. You’re welcome by the way :).

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    1. Yeah, it was indeed really useful. It was one of the easiest projects I’ve encountered, and I got to write what really interests me. Thanks. 😀


    1. Once you get lazy, it’s really hard to do tasks lol. That’s why I procrastinate a lot and it often leads me to sleeping on my bed the whole day.
      Thanks! huehuehue 😀

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