Blog Update: Awards and Challenges

I should have announced this update a month ago, but I keep forgetting and I keep getting lazier each day.  Now, I finally remembered to write about this update, again.

If you would look back to my previous posts, you would know that my laptop broke, right? After getting my laptop repaired, I decided to upgrade the OS of the laptop. It went from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate, which is pretty nice and decent. I backed up my important documents and files, and the C: drive got formatted to enable the laptop to be upgraded. So, here’s how it is. I bookmark the awards and challenges that I get, and I forgot to back up my bookmarks on Google Chrome. Now, I have no idea what awards and challenges I got and it seems that I can’t recover the bookmarks that I’ve made.

Sadly, I won’t be able to write about those awards and challenges for now.  I’ll just leave those things in the past for now. Yeah, I know I said that I’ll do them sooner or later in the past, but it seems that I can’t do them anymore. So, sorry guys if I won’t be able to write about the awards and challenges that you have nominated me last year.
Yep, procrastination, you win this time.



7 thoughts on “Blog Update: Awards and Challenges”

    1. Yeah, I had the slight sense of regret when i upgraded my OS. At least I now have the MS Office 2007 application because my old OS has the old MS Office which is the 2003 version. It’s also good though, because my laptop got rid of the unwanted files and programs. Still, my bookmarks…. I really forgot to back it up. *Sigh*

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