All Fixed Up

Good news! My laptop got repaired and it’s now ok. Seems like the video card was the problem and it costed Php 1000 ($21) for it to be repaired. Now, I’m thinking of doing a marathon to some anime that I stopped watching for a while.

Current anime watching:

I was planning to do some gaming and hoped that the fps would be a lot higher than before. It kinda got higher than before, but not that much. I can run League of Legends with a stable fps of 30-50. I get dropped frame rates because of the crappy internet connection. This laptop is really old. So, it’s not really that suitable for gaming, but I can manage to play some games somehow. Low resolution gaming all the way!



15 thoughts on “All Fixed Up”

      1. Most of my games from Steam are free because I can’t afford to buy a game yet. But I’m planning to buy CS: GO and PayDay 2 if I ever have the chance.

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      2. I’ve played the visual novel of Clannad, and I gotta say, one of the best visual novels I’ve ever played. I haven’t finished all the character paths though, I’ve only finished Nagisa’s path. I looked up RWBY and it looks pretty good. I guess it’s going to be included in my wishlists.

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      3. Yeah I hear it’s really good and one of the best. Sekai Projects mentioned that they will add more side stories to the game. I also heard they will also be planning to add the Tomoyo visual novel and Little Busters. The RWBY looks like a fun game. I want to be able to fight these monsters and slice them up XD.


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