On Hiatus


If you guys noticed, I disappeared for quite a while. It’s because I decided to just relax for a while because of the busy week that passed by. School just ended a week ago but I’m still quite stressed from the previous school works. There’s still one program left, the “Recognition Day”. This is usually celebrated before the school year ends, selected high school students will be given rewards and achievements for their overall performance within the whole school year.

I thought that I’ll just relax and rest to relieve stress. It’s sometimes hard to think of a topic to write about, so I might as well stop writing blogs for a while. Another reason is my internet connection is not that stable at the moment. Sometimes, the connection cuts off and I can’t access the internet. As a result, I got nothing to do but watch anime that I’ve downloaded to my laptop (anime that I’ve already finished). So, I’ll be going on Hiatus for a while. See you guys later.


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