MAN AT ARMS: Reforged – Asuna’s Lambent Light (Sword Art Online)



14 thoughts on “MAN AT ARMS: Reforged – Asuna’s Lambent Light (Sword Art Online)”

    1. Looks heavy to me, if you’re trying to use it to pierce with one hand, but I think it can be lifted by one hand if you have enough strength. I’m guessing that it can pierce through a really hard armor.

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  1. Blade forging is such an art form! I’d see the creation of historical weapons before but had no idea that they’d create an actual fictitious weapon and extra cool that it’s Asuna’s SAO weapon of choice !~! Now if only there were a way to travel way back and witness the creation of the iconic and legendary Masamune ^^. Very very cool craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing~♡ this gem of a video =).

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    1. It is pretty awesome craftsmanship. They got talent. I am glad they did Asuna’s sword. Now they have Kirito and Asuna ‘s weapons from SAO ☺. If you want to see Kirito’s video, here it is:

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    2. They have been making a lot of weapons from games and anime recently. Which is a cool thing, seeing a fictitious weapon forged in real life.


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