Attack on Titan Mobile Game Coming to iOS and Android Devices

GameSamba, NGames Interactive Limited, and Funimation Entertainment have announced a collaboration with Kodansha to develop and publish an officially Attack on Titan mobile game. The game will be available in all major English markets for Android and iOS devices with a release date set for the end of 2016.


GameSamba and Funimation went on to further describe the game:

The “Attack on Titan” game will be an action-driven title, allowing players all over the world to battle titans on their mobile devices. It will combine elements of runner and action games, in order to replicate the feeling of the titan battles from the anime series. Players will need to use careful planning – and quick reactions – to survive. There will also be deeper, persistent elements to the game, which will be revealed at a later date.”

(Source: GoBoiano )

I don’t actually use my mobile phone to play games. I usually use my phone for messages, listening to music, and watching anime. My phone doesn’t have enough powerful RAM to play big games. So, I just stick with playing moderate games like Clash of Clans, Neko Atsume, and other low sized mobile games. But if the Attack on Titan Game gets released, I would gladly like to try playing it, if I get a better phone with better specs. I bet that this will become a really awesome mobile game.



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