Survived Hell Week

I’m so glad that some of the major projects are now done. I actually had a nice sleep yesterday because the deadline for some major projects ended and I made it just in time to finish it. Now, all’s that left is the other projects which is easier than the projects from hell week.

In every school year, there’s always going to be some time where a lot of work will be given to you. It’s automatic, maybe in the middle of the year or before the school year ends. In our case, the hard projects are given before the school year ends, so a lot of students are stressed before the school year ends. Our school year is different here in the Philippines. Start of the school year is on June and the end of the school year is around the last day of March.


4 thoughts on “Survived Hell Week”

  1. Just finishing some courswork at the moment, and I swear to Yeezus it’s a dman weight off my shoulders. I’m terrible at coursework too. It messes up my schedule dude T_T.
    What kinds of projects do you have to do in the phillipines? Just randomly interested xD .

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    1. I can see that you’re having a hard time with your coursework. Never give up !
      Well, if you’re that interested. Here are some of our projects that were given to us for this month: Bamboo Crafting, Book Report, Vector Art, Film Making, and a Theatre’s Chamber. Most of the projects in the Philippines are group projects but sometimes it’s an individual project. Usually, the deadline for the projects is the day before the exam. So, we have to work on our projects and at the same time, review for the upcoming test.

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      1. Lol, yep, I made that abundantly clear on my blog. Thanks, I won’t!

        That’s a terrible deadline. Lol.
        Bamboo crafting tho?! And vector art (though I suppose that’s normal if you’re an art student). They’re some pretty cool projects. I kinda wish I grew up in Philippines now xD.

        Group projects are always fun (as is the sharing of responsibility hehe >:) ), but it must get pretty stressful when you get people who don’t pull their weight right?

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      2. The school really likes to make each student work hard on his/her projects, and at the same time, maintain good academics.
        Bamboo crafting is one of our projects because of our subject T.L.E. (Technology and Livelyhood Education). As for the vector art, our current lesson in our Computer subject is Photoshop, so we were required to do a vector art of ourselves, which will serve as our project and at the same time, our exam (I find this project as the easiest of them all).
        Trust me, it’s a lot harder than you think, everyone in our school starts to get stressed when the projects attack.
        I tend to dislike group projects because back when I was still a first year student, my classmates were lazy af. That’s why when group projects are given, I usually do all the work, some people will also help me in doing the work, but not actually all of them. Though, there may be some fun in group projects, there’s always stress mixed in it. There’s always one member who does nothing and it always gets on my nerves. It’s really stressful when it comes to group activities. That’s why I’m not really fond of group projects, I’d rather prefer individual projects.

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