Rrowbyte Achieves 100 Blog Posts

Blog 100

I’ve been blogging for a long time and now I achieved 100 Blog Posts. Hurray for me! Maybe a little back story on why I started blogging? I’ll just make this really quick. Blogging is one of our project in our English class. Ever since the start of the school year, our English teacher announced that we would have to make blogs, in which it would be also our grades. 20 blogs per month, but due to some circumstances, we stopped blogging for the month of October up to the month of December. Before the school year ends, we would have to make 40 blogs for the month of January up to February, deadline of blog posts will be on the last day of February.

By the month of March, I guess I’ll be stopping the 20 blogs per month quota. I’ll just make blogs whenever I feel like it when the school year ends. But, I’m not planning to stop on making blogs. I enjoy making blogs and I decided to continue making blogs and make it as a hobby. So, next goal? Maybe 500 posts? Or maybe little by little, like 200 posts for a next goal.


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