Hatsune Miku by iDoll x Nendoroid (A More Detailed View)

Yukai Engineering Inc. (headquartered in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo; Representative: Shunsuke Aoki), on Feb. 7, 2016, held a live exhibit and demonstration of Hatsune Miku by iDoll and Nendoroid, a Nendoroid series robot doll produced in partnership with Good Smile Company, Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; Representative: Takanori Aki), at the Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter], Japan’s largest modeling event, staged at Makuhari Messe.

Yukai Engineering has also launched a special website featuring functions, specs, and other details about the collaborative robot doll, along with a concept video.

Special website: http://idoll.tokyo/3939/
Concept video: https://youtu.be/EeN4yleogYU

Further details about Hatsune Miku by iDoll x Nendoroid

Functions, specs, and other information have been released on the special website.


  • Sing & Dance: Hatsune Miku sings and dances just for you.
  • Communicate: Hatsune Miku answers your questions in song and dance.
  • Assist: Hatsune Miku lends a helping hand in combination with a smartphone app.



  • The Hatsune Miku robot doll has articulated joints in 10 locations, including her twintails, neck, shoulders, elbows, and waist.
  • The doll is about 11 centimeters tall, approximately 1.2-times larger that the Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0.
  • The pedestal has 15 motors, a speaker, and a microphone built in.
  • Good Smile Company, creator of the Nendoroid, supervised the modeling of the character.

Miku 2

More info at: Tokyo Otaku Mode

So now here’s a full detailed view of the Hatsune Miku robot doll that I found. Finding this made me to really really want to buy the figure even more. This is really awesome knowing that it has tons of functions and features. I swear……someday…… someday, I’ll buy you Miku!



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