Deadline of Projects Coming Near

Only a few more days until the deadline of some of our projects. It’s really weird that whenever the deadline is tomorrow or the other day, you will notice that you’ll be doing your projects in a faster rate than usual. I think it’s because the brain is programmed to be lazy when the deadline is still far away, but when the deadline is already near, that is the time when the brain will actually work. Like what happened to me, knowing that the deadline is just around the corner, it got my gears working and I decided to work on my tasks as fast as possible.

If this was an RPG, I would call this skill as the “Deadline Boost”.

Deadline Boost:


  • +50% chance of starting the work
  • +25% speed of doing the work
  • +75% stress
  • -4 hours of sleep debuff
  • Has a 50-50 chance of completing the work the day before the deadline.



2 thoughts on “Deadline of Projects Coming Near”

  1. IKR. Which is why I always consciously let myself slack and procrastinate until right until the last minute .. because I believe that the panic will finally jolt my brain into thinking a lot more efficiently LOL.

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