Today we worked on our project which is about making a short film in the genre that you have been chosen for. Our teacher gave the genres for the group randomly. Our group got a genre of adventure, horror, romance. Pretty hard isn’t it? Especially the horror-romance genre, sometimes this genre doesn’t actually go together that much.


I was chosen as the script writer for the group and I wrote about a story that is about the zombie apocalypse (it’s the first thing that I thought, maybe because I thought of The Last of Us). Everyone agreed with the story, so we went on into filming it. I’m also a character of the story, and also the video editor of the film. Talk about a lot of roles.

The first part of the film is quite good in my opinion but as it goes further, it started to go plain. It’s because everyone was in a hurry because they’re only given a certain amount of time outside. Some of my group members should get home by 5:00 pm, something like that. What made us to waste time is because the camera that we were using got a low battery. What’s worse is the charger for the camera was left home by the owner. It’s a long travel but we had no choice but to get it, making us lose more time.

Everything didn’t go according to plan, some of the script dialogues were cut because it was time consuming. We just need to adlib, for the sake of finishing the story, because the make-up for the zombies takes a really long time and we can only film today because everyone is going to be busy this week. Thus, it made the story really rushed and everyone became stressed, especially me.

We actually finished the filming, but in my opinion, the acting and the flow of story needs more work. Another reason for the story not following the script is because of the lack of settings. Some scenes need another setting, but due to our time limit, we changed the flow of the story, skipping some parts of the story of the script.

If it isn’t for the projects that were given to us by our teachers, we could have prepared and made the film even better. But, our teachers gave us projects, non-stop, as a result, we’re all troubled in finishing our projects in a short amount of time before the deadline. This week’s gonna be one hell of a busy week. So much to do like editing, making book reports, editing again, etc.. I want to re-make this film in my mind, but re-making it in real life would be impossible to do so. I am calling this short film of ours as an epic fail.


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