Angel Beats! – Yui’s Disappearance


I had the urge to watch this again because my friends were talking about Angel Beats! in a group chat. This was one of my favorite sad scenes that I’ve watched. As soon as the background song [Ichiban no Takaramono] started playing, the feels factor went really high. Yui and Hinata’s story is just heartbreaking and really emotional.

I remember that I kept listening to Ichiban no Takaramono ever since I finished Angel Beats!. The song just kept me to being more depressed lol. I actually studied on how to play the song on a guitar, which I didn’t exactly complete because I’m a noob when it comes to instruments.

Yui x Hinata, one of the saddest ships in anime history.



12 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – Yui’s Disappearance”

    1. Always thought of it as happy overall. The feeling of sadness you get is partly because of the clash between the joyful and the mournful, the absolute success and utter loss experienced at the end – though when you dwell on it, the former comes through the most. A perfect ending to an incredible tragicomedy.

      ‘Sad ending’ is an oversimplification of a complex finale that would indeed put people off any of Maeda’s shows. I wouldn’t buy into it.

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    2. Awww, that’s a shame. I wish I could convince you to watch Clannad, but that would be hard without giving away spoilers. It’s not really as depressing as you may think. Maybe watch a few episodes and then decide if it is for you.

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    3. You haven’t seen Clannad but you have watched the Rosario arc from SAO? Haha. It’s one of the stronger arcs in that series, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has an aversion for bittersweet tales.


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