What Anime is this from?

This happened a very long time ago when me and my classmates went to look inside an anime shop. As we where searching products to buy, my classmate, who is actually new to anime, followed me in looking for products. As I was searching, I gazed my eyes upon a Hatsune Miku mouse pad (the one with a wrist rest lol or what you can call oppai mouse pad). He then saw me looking at the mouse pad and asked me “Hey bro, what anime is this from?” I was like “what?” then I literally facepalmed myself and said “She’s from a Vocaloid?”. Then he was like “Voca-what?”, with a really confused tone. He’s really new to the anime world, so that explains why he doesn’t really know about Vocaloid. It’s hard to explain to someone new what a Vocaloid is, so I just said “Nevermind that”. He can just always google it.



10 thoughts on “What Anime is this from?”

    1. I agree with you, they don’t seem to understand. If an anime adaptation is made, maybe that would put an end to those “What anime is Hatsune Miku from?” questions.


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