Boku dake ga Inai Machi 『Erased』- First Impressions [Episodes 1-5]


A struggling manga artist and pizza boy extraordinaire in his late twenties. Seems like your average Joe, right? Wrong. The protagonist of Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Satoru Fujinuma, possesses a very special gift. His supernatural ability, which he calls “Revival,” triggers a time leap, sending him back to right before certain life-threatening events occur, allowing him to prevent these tragedies and save the day.

After a devastating incident in his present day life caused a sudden “Revival,” Satoru was sent back to when he was a young, elementary school student, one month before his classmate Kayo went missing. He is forced to solve the mystery behind the serial kidnappings in his hometown and protect his childhood friends.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi is a thrilling, Sci-Fi series that explores the past and present of the main characters in a unique way. Who is the mystery kidnapper? Will Satoru succeed in saving the day when his friends’ lives count on it? And will changing the future have any negative effects on present day life?

(Source: MyAnimeList)

This anime has been popular recently and it’s already added to my plan to watch list. Even though we still have exams tomorrow, I still decided to give this anime a try. It’s been a long time since I got this feeling again, wherein I pretty much liked the very first episode. The thing I liked about this anime is it gives off the same Steins; Gate vibe and atmosphere, like with all the time travelling story.

Satoru Fujinuma works as a manga artist and works as a pizza boy at the same time. He possesses a supernatural ability, in which he calls “Revival”. This ability can send him back in time in about one to five minutes. But this event only occurs when something dangerous is about to happen, like a life threatening situation.



[Episode 1]

Episode 1.png

An incident happened where his mother got murdered in the apartment he’s staying in. The police accused Satoru as the suspect, but Satoru refused to go with the police. He ran away from the police causing another “Revival”. This time it was different, he went back in time 18 years ago, when he was still young. Also a month before his classmate Kayo went missing.

[Episode 2]


Child abduction case, a case in which serial kidnappings in Satoru’s hometown occur. One victim is Kayo Hinazuki, Satoru’s classmate. At first Satoru’s memory was hazy because it was 18 years ago. If I would too go back in time 18 years ago, I would pretty much be like in his situation.

[Episode 3-4]

Episode 4

Satoru decided to changed the future and save Kayo Hinazuki and his Mother from dying. He befriended Kayo Hinazuki and managed to prevent the day where Kayo went missing. March 1st, the day before Kayo and Satoru’s birthday. Before going back in time, this was the day when Kayo went missing. As he time leaped, he managed to prevent the event from occurring. But, just like in Steins; Gate, whereas Okabe managed to prevent Mayuri’s death. Okabe didn’t really prevent Mayuri’s death from happening, the date of Mayuri’s death just moved to another date. The same thing happened with Kayo. Satoru prevented the incident on March 1st, but on March 3rd, Kayo went missing and was probably assumed to be dead.

[Episode 5]


Now, Satoru time leaped again in to the present, where he was being chased by the police. He later found out that he really changed the history. The article that has the Child Abduction case is different from when he time leaped 18 years ago. It’s stated that Kayo Hinazuki went mission on March 3rd. So, what happened is, it just went back to how it was before. But, this gave Satoru a chance. If he actually changed the history, maybe he can possibly prevent the death of Kayo Hinazuki.



Overall, the first episode was great and it really hooked me up. I was originally planning to just watch the first episode and just make an impression about episode 1. I ended watching it up to the latest episode. I can already feel that this one is going to be a top anime of this year. It’s a great start and has a unique and original story. I recommend watching Boku ga dake Inai Machi because the way the story is told and the flow of the story is just, wow! Five episodes and it already hits a huge amount of feels factor. Looking forward for more episodes of Boku ga daki Inai Machi




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