Mistakes were made

There’s always a time that mistakes are made. It may be you, or the people around you. Earlier this afternoon, we were given a task by our math teacher. The questions were easy and we managed to get a satisfying result. The only mistake we made was question number 1, the easiest question from the set of questions. I let my classmate handle the solving and I just checked if the answer is correct. Turns out that my classmate used a different formula in finding the answer, I thought it was correct and I just went with the flow. Our answer was wrong. I just laughed and blamed my classmate, in a joking manner, because we failed the easiest question of all.

To my classmate who answered question 1:

I’m not entirely disappointed in you or anything. In truth, I’m somewhat feeling both disappointed and rather happy at the same time. It’s also my fault because I didn’t check the solution correctly. So, we’re both to blame here. You may think that I became a little salty and toxic a while ago, but it’s just in my personality. That saltiness will fade away quickly and I’ll go back to my normal self eventually. Expect more mistakes to come in the remaining years of our school life.


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