Why can’t you draw like this?

Me and my classmate started to write a story just for fun. I was impressed by his writing skills because, I actually enjoyed the story that my classmate created. He asked me to make character designs for the story that he created and I gladly accepted in drawing the character designs. At first, I started doing sketches and I didn’t really take it too seriously. As a result, it ended up being plain and simple. Well, I said to him that I’ll get serious and draw them properly when summer comes.


Whenever my friend would look at an anime fan art, he would always say to me, “Why can’t you draw like this?” I know that he was just joking around, so I responded jokingly too. I will always say, “Well, it’s beyond my limits.” or something like “You underestimate me.” If you’re reading this Potaytoe, to clear things up, I’m not really offended by you saying this. I’m rather inspired to make myself good at drawing. Just you wait, someday I’ll be able to draw like a professional manga artist. And I’ll be able to make those character designs and bring those characters to life!


4 thoughts on “Why can’t you draw like this?”

    1. Thanks :D. Well, you can always practice to be good at something. Try watching tutorials and practicing a lot. You’ll be surprised on how good you’ve become when you look up to your old drawings after months of practicing.

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