Radio Drama


Our current project which our class is working on is making a Radio Drama. The class was divided into two groups. A separate group for the boys and a separate group for the girls. Our piece is “Romeo and Juliet”. This is a challenging piece considering that all of the group’s members are the same genders. So, it will be hard to portray Romeo for the girl’s group, and it will be hard to portray Juliet for our group. Here’s the good part, our teacher allowed us to modify the story of Romeo and Juliet. Our script writer, being a high level wizard (he has chuunibyou), decided to make a script of making the characters in the story to have powers. Our group agreed with the script and decided to go with it (we all have chuunibyous deep inside our hearts).

I’m in charge of the sound effects and editing. I make film/photo editing frequently, but I haven’t made sound editings. So, it will also be a challenge for me because I mostly have 5% maybe of experience when it comes to sound editings. Hopefully, I have a classmate that’ll assist me in editing the radio drama. Our job is to add background music and sound effects to the radio drama. This is going to be hard but at the same time, it’s quite fun to do.

Recording is actually a lot of fun. I feel like we’re dubbing characters in an anime studio. Mostly, before the voice actors of our class perfect the dub, they would actually laugh a lot because of their lines. As a result, we ended up doing many re-takes. Maybe I’ll consider posting our radio drama when it’s finished. I can’t wait till it gets done.


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