Musaigen no Phantom World – First Impression [Episode 1]


You can’t believe everything you see, or can’t see, for that matter. In Musaigen no Phantom World, Phantoms, beings that blur the line between illusion and reality, wander around right under the noses of unsuspecting humans. Their origins are mysterious and few can see themーthat is, until a research facility bombing spreads a virus that grants the ability to. Humans with special powers are given the task of sealing the troublemaking Phantoms.

Haruhiko Ichijou is one such Phantom Hunter. Not a very good one, however. Possessing a wealth of useless knowledge, a tendency to go off on tangents, and a rather slow Phantom-sealing ability, he and his rambunctious teammate Mai Kawakami are at the bottom of the Phantom Hunter ladder at Hosea Academy. In order to become stronger, they recruit new teammates and develop new powers, only to stumble upon secrets surrounding Phantoms and the circumstances surrounding the mysterious bombing of the Alayashiki Research Facility.

(Source: MyAnimeList)

This series has been airing on for some time now and I actually watched the first episode when it first aired. For now, I decided to stop for a while and wait for more episodes to air, so that I can marathon the whole series if it airs more episodes or if the series finishes. The reason why I watched this one is because it’s made by one of my favorite studios, KyoAni.

This anime kind of reminds me of Noragami. Well, because of the whole Phantom things. So, the phantom’s origins are still unknown and quite mysterious. They were originally supposed to be invisible to the human eyes, until a research facility bombing spreads a virus making the phantoms visible to the human eyes. It seems like the people in this anime are on drugs. Seeing weird creatures and stuffs.


There are so called “Phantom Hunters” which are given the task in sealing the phantoms. Again, pretty much like Noragami and combine it with a little of Charlotte, with the ability things. The main character is a Phantom Hunter, Haruhiko Ichijou. Though, he’s not the op main character type.


KyoAni did something unusual to this anime. The fan service is quite frequent and there are some anime clichés. For example, the typical cliché where a girl trips from the stairs and the main character tries to save her. Haruhiko (the main character) got to avoid the cliché where she would land on him and him touching her breasts, but it turned into something different. It turned into him seeing the girl’s pantsu. So, it turned into avoiding an anime cliché and resulting into an another anime cliché.


Another fan service is at the last part of episode 1. Where Mai Kawakami does the limbo scene. I’m not gonna go into a more detailed reaction about the last part, but all I can say is that it defied the law of physics. Seriously, wtf KyoAni.

I read in some comments that people already dropped after episode 1. For me, it’s quite enjoyable despite the fan service. Maybe I’ll see for myself if the anime airs more episodes and see if the anime is really worth to watch.




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