MMORPG Onigiri Gets A TV Anime Adaptation

Japanese game developer CyberStep announced on Wednesday that a television anime of its MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Onigiri has been green-lit. The series is scheduled to air from April 2016 on the Tokyo MX and BS Fuji television networks.

Onigiri is developed by CyberStep and was launched for the PC in Japan in December 2013 (after alpha and beta test periods earlier in the year). It began service in North America in July 2014. Console editions were released on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 in October 2015.

(Source: Haruhichan Network)


Synopsis from Cyberstep

Onigiri thrusts its players into mystical Japan, a land filled with mythical creatures of Japanese legend. Starting as a lone Oni, players fight against the malevolent influence of the Kamikui as their miasma spreads over the land. 8 NPCS, each with their own distinct personality and skills, ally themselves with the player to help build a legend, and quell the evil that has arisen. As you grow stronger together, so do the bonds binding you to each other.

I actually tried playing Onigiri a long time ago. I quite liked the game. It was similar to Monster Hunter, so that’s why I tried the game. The only thing why I stopped playing is because of the lag. My laptop can’t really handle the game too well, so as a result, I stopped playing the game, leaving the story for me to be unknown. If by chance that I get a high-end laptop, I’ll think of playing Onigiri again. Now that it’s getting an anime adaptation, I can know more of the story. Though, some anime adaptation of games tend to have a different story, I hope that this one sticks to the story of the game (well, I don’t really know the story of the game).




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