Moment of Truth


Himouto Umaru-chan - Episode 06 - Umaru thumbs up

Earlier this morning was finally the submission of our assignment. As I entered the school gate, I noticed one of the class B’s student making a flag. I assumed that they haven’t finished their flags yet. Then other students came and I caught a glimpse that the class B students were in a certain area. Maybe, they’re finishing the flags but I didn’t really look at what they’re doing because I don’t really care if they finished the flags or not.

Submission time and it went all good. Both classes did their assignment and got to submit the flags. I’m glad and at the same time, I felt relieved that both of the two classes did their work. So, I’ll just leave what happened two days ago in the past. Maybe there’s still some grudge that still lurks inside me, but it’ll soon go away eventually.



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