Rotten Society

This is an unusual thing for me to post, but I myself felt that I needed to post this to show or share the experience of how I view the society as of today. This blog post may contain inappropriate language that I don’t normally use when I make blogs, but please bear with me because it is the real me when anger and hate takes over me.

Recently, our school made us do a work for the whole section of our class. So, us being the early type to do work, we already started our work and we’re supposed to finish it today. But, we later found out that we were supposed to work also with the other section. Our batch is divided into two sections, the class A and class B. So this is the problem, they want us to help them in doing the work that the school assigned for us. The work that we’re going to do is supposed to be uniform in size. So, all of the work products should be in the exact same size. We already finished the products that we’re going to use (I can’t exactly say what that thing is because of some reasons), but it’s only for us, the class A students.

So, here’s us trying to solve the problem but they suddenly started to talk shit about us. We’re the one who did all the work and they just asked us to help them but they will just talk shit about us! They said something but I have a huge guess that it’s something for us. “Do not put all the work to the wrong leader.” Ok, technically you guys are the fking wrong leaders here. How can the problem be solved if you guys keep on making the plans without our fking approval. We didn’t even had the time to suggest to do something to solve the problem, you just went on by your shit plan and approved it all by yourselves. So, what do you think what will happen? Of course, it will leave to more confusions and more arguments.

I just hate it on how the society has turned into this, rotten and toxic. I understand that there will be some arguments between the two groups. But talking shit about us is just fking too much! Butthurt shits and wannabe leaders. Yeah, that’s what they are. I can’t accept that the more you are a good and understandable person, the more that you get trampled by the brainless and useless people. But, I guess that we just have to accept the society today, wrong and pitiful.


3 thoughts on “Rotten Society”

  1. Normally I would say you shouldn’t assume when bad things are being said that they are referring to you or your group but I get the feeling you know they are talking about you.
    One of the main problems I see in society is the lack of manners and a general lack of shame. Now the lack of manners isn’t the true issue, but interactions would improve overnight if more people had manners, and fewer people had agendas or ulterior motives and stopped being so selfish.
    A couple of weeks ago I was watching a lot of bad auditions of X Factor on youtube and what struck me the most was that a lot of people have HUGE egos, and can be delusional. This I believe is also part of the problem especially with the other group who didn’t want to cooperate because they felt that they were good enough and didn’t need help, and because of their sense of self-importance, this turned into jealousy or annoyance and so they said bad things about you and your group.

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    1. Thanks for the advice, but it’s really hard to just let them be and keep on saying bad things to us, especially for me because I’m basically the leader of the group. Normally, I’ll just stay calm and just let them say what they want, but what the other group’s member said to us is just unacceptable. Seeing my friend suffer and get trampled on is one of the things that I hate the most. As you have said, society lacks manners and lacks shame. This problem of the society made the problem difficult to solve. How can we solve the problem if you guys refuse to listen to our way of solving the problem? I was lucky enough to talk to one of the members of the other group. It was smooth, no arguments or anything, they just went on with the plan that I told them. The group isn’t the problem here, what’s wrong is the leader of the other group. I myself, personally say that I’m also at fault and I accept that, because we went on with the work without telling them (we didn’t know that we were supposed to cooperate with the other group). But the leader of the other group is just full of pride and is really arrogant, not just the leader, but also his what you can call “sidekick”. I will be honest and be truthful about this and I personally think that the other group’s leader is not capable of becoming a leader. He only thinks about their own group, he doesn’t think about the benefits of the many. I’m not implying that I, myself, is a perfect leader, to be honest I didn’t even want to become a leader in the first place, I just got voted to be the leader of our class. I still need a lot of improvement to become a good leader.
      Yeah, they thought that they can do it all by themselves. It’s really hard for me to accept that we were the one who are willing to help, but we were also the one who were treated like trash. We couldn’t talk back to them because it’s not our nature to pick a fight. We didn’t have a choice but to just let them be. I personally think that what we did was the best choice. Anyway, thanks again for the advice, your advice really helped me a lot.


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