In Response To My Classmate’s Opinion

If you’re looking for my friend’s opinion on the incident that happened a while ago . You can do so by checking Potaytoe’s (my friend wants me to address him by this) blog.


On Their Side

“Leader might hate me for this, but I want that gap gone as soon as possible. I also believe that what we did was wrong. We did react a bit hastily, we should have alerted them that we were gonna do it as soon as possible, the problem was a lack of communication. On our part was that we acted hastily and on their part they didn’t alert us on the whole “same source”(is it is true). Both parties are at fault here, if possible I want the two groups to make up as we’ll be becoming adults, what adult carries with him the grudge of a child. I want to play a mediator for the two, but due to my position I think I have nothing of worth to become a mediator.

Leader if you’re reading this, I just want to see the two clash, but not in a fight sort of setting, more like a drama. Highschool is not complete without drama”



Ok, Mr. Potaytoe. I can’t exactly say if I will hate you for this or not, but I somehow think that closing the gap is going to be hard. We’ve known group Leader B (the other group’s leader) for a long time now, well, you’re actually the one who knows Leader B more than I do because I’m just a transferee from another school. But I notice that Leader B’s personality is just getting worse. It’s impossible to be in good terms with him in our current situation because we’re dealing with a guy with a high pride to himself and a really arrogant guy.

As for the flags, we didn’t even know that we have to do it as a batch. If I can recall, we were asked to do it as a section, uniform in size. I don’t exactly remember if we were asked to do it as a batch, but if they knew, they should have said it to us sooner or later. There’s like a one day gap before we did the flags. I think that you know, or may not know, that I’m a person that wants the work done as soon as possible. Well, if you don’t know that, now you know that that I’m that kind of person. Consider it as a trivia of myself. So, I admit that we did a mistake that we went to do the flags too early, but are you fine on how they treated us? Of course, all of us have different opinions. For you it’s not much of a big deal, but for me, it gets on my nerves and makes me hate them more.

It’s hard for the two sections to clash. In their current situation, we will not understand each other, just like what happened a while ago. If by any chance that the two sections will clash. I’m guessing that it will turn out to be another pointless conversation; unless they change their attitude and their manners.

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6 thoughts on “In Response To My Classmate’s Opinion”

  1. I take on board that the leader of Class B is quite prideful and arrogant and so doesn’t cooperate and doesn’t want to cooperate.
    If you want him and class B in general to behave in the way that you want then you need to model that behaviour that you want to see in them. That means having great patience and talking calmly and logically with the class B leader. Essentially this would require you to forgive the nasty things that were said and leave it in the past. When class B and their leader sees that you want to help, and that you are making good sense, they will see the error in the things they said about and realise that they were wrong.
    So build bridges, don’t burn them.

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    1. This may seem hard to do but this is a really good advice. I’m not sure if we can be in good terms, but I can’t exactly say what will happen in the future. As you have said, leave it in the past. For now, I’ll just leave it to the future on what will happen between the two classes.

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      1. The deadline’s tomorrow. So, what we did was we work by our own classes. We already finished ours, but I don’t know if the other class already finished their assignment.

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