Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Anime Review


Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake are students at the all-boys academy, Sanada North High School. This is a tale about just that—their daily lives as students. Winning the basketball tournament? Finding true love? You won’t find any of that here. Whether it’s sparking random arguments while hanging out with friends, meeting that one weird co-worker at a part-time job, or even letting imaginations run wild on a windy afternoon, we’ve all experienced the show’s ordinary but true-to-life themes at one point or another.

(Source: NIS America)



Daily Lives of High School Boys or Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is basically an anime depicting the life of a normal high school boy. It doesn’t pretty much have a straight storyline, in some cases there are scenes that follows a certain story flow, but generally speaking, it’s just random scenes describing the life of a high school boy. But what makes this anime good despite the random scenes and not actually following a certain storyline? Here comes the jokes of the anime. This anime is basically a gag show, designed to make the viewers of the anime to laugh. Well, not all laughs because there are also some other emotions shown in the show, but mostly it’s all comedy. The show is very accurate in describing of a high school boy. It shows that not all high school boys act mature and that we all have that childish personality deep inside ourselves.


Characters are unique in someway, they each have a personality that will make you laugh. There are also girl characters, not all of the characters in the anime are boys. But the characters are mostly boys, hence the title of the anime, Daily Lives of High School Boys. I don’t really have much to say for the characters but all I can say is, each of the characters has a certain way on how to be funny or on how to make you laugh.

Art and Sound

The art gives a smooth and relaxing atmosphere. It’s drawn well, not too much detailed on the face though, but the art fits the show very well. I personally like this kind of design in my opinion.

As for the sound, same with the art. It also gives a certain smooth and relaxing atmosphere. The sound fits for every scene, whether it’s a serious scene or a comedy scene.


All in all, I think I would recommend this to everyone. It has some nice jokes, you can actually see the joke coming but still it will make you gag. If you want to watch something that is not really serious and focuses more on jokes. Give this anime a try, a great anime that gives you some laughs in your life and gives you some smiles for every episode. As for the rating, I’ll give it a 9/10.


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