New Year, New You

Well, 2016 already started like a week ago, so you may call this as a late 2016 introduction. Now, this year, I will now do blogs regularly, the 20 blogs per month thing which I’ve said on my previous blog posts. But I’ll just be doing 20 blog posts for the month of January and the month of February, because our school year is coming to an end and we were only required to do blog posts for January and February. So, I’ll still do blog posts for the following months after the month of February, but I’ll drop off the 20 blogs per month thing.

It’s the new year 2016. I know that this is really late for me to say this to you guys, but I might as well just say it. It’s 2016, let’s change ourselves for the better. Let’s try to leave the negative sides that we experienced on 2015 and hope for more positive sides for this year. It may take a really long time, but it’s better than to do nothing.

Expect also that I’m changing on how I write my anime reviews. I can’t exactly say what will be changed but I’ll try to make the characters part of the anime review to be as minimal as possible. It’s really a pain when there are so many characters and you have to like, describe each characters in the story. So, maybe just some short introductions to the main character and I’ll just write on what makes them unique. As for the story, I guess it will stay the same, as well as for the other parts of the review, I’ll just write on what comes into my head.

Also, for the challenges and awards. I still don’t know how I’ll start to write them, but I’ll get to write them sooner or later. My deadline this January is pretty near, so I may have not time to write the challenges and awards, but maybe I’ll try to write them as soon as possible.

So, here ends my first blog post for the year 2016. More blog posts to come from me and from you guys also. May we all have a happy and positive new year. 😀


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