Celebrating Row’s Birthday

I’m back guys lol. It has been a long time since I stopped blogging for a while, but I finally decided to go back to blogging once again because there hasn’t been any busy schedules for this week. Well, maybe for the upcoming weeks, my schedule will be busy once again, but I’ll try to post blogs if I have some free time. For the awards and the nominations that you guys gave me, I’ll work on them if the busy schedule wears off.


So, today (November 21, 2015), I celebrated my 15th Birthday. Happy birthday to me lol. My friends came to my house to celebrate my birthday and hell, it was a lot of fun. They brought their laptops, so we actually played video games the whole day, mostly League of Legends. We laughed a lot because of our teamwork style and because of our gameplays. Some of my friend kept on fighting, but not a serious fight, just a friendly fight lol. It was a lot of fun for today, I haven’t finished some of the things I needed to do yet, but I guess I’ll finish all of them tomorrow (I hope procrastination won’t attack me).



So, I’m not officially back with the 20 blogs per month yet. I’m still currently on hiatus for a while, I’m not sure when I will go back to normal blogging, but I guess it will be after the month of December, maybe? Anyway, I hope that you guys would look forward to more of my work once I get back to normal blogging. So, just you wait awards and nominations, I’ll write you down as soon as I can. I’m always happy to have your support and I’m here to support you guys also. 😀



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