Bored at class…..


You know you’re really bored at class when you started to draw Hatsune Miku.

There are times when you will find a class that is really boring. It is either you listen to the teacher, or you sleep, or you do random things that would make the time go faster. Which doesn’t exactly work, as you do random things, time goes slower and slower, the same with listening to the lessons which you aren’t interested of. But if you sleep, time would be a lot faster. Just don’t let yourself get caught. If by any chance that there isn’t any teacher around, you can sleep all the way you want.

So, what do you usually do when you’re bored at class? Do you sleep, or do you do random things, or do you just accept your fate and listen to the lesson?


14 thoughts on “Bored at class…..”

    1. I usually do the same thing. If I don’t listen from the teacher, I’m the one who will suffer. So, yeah, I just listen instead. I only do random things when I’m really bored.


  1. When I was in high school, I just accepted my fate like renxkyoko. Especially when I went to a high school where the rules were strict. In some classes, I daydream and make up ridiculous adventures.

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    1. The rules here aren’t really strict, but you’ll have a hard time catching up with the lesson if you didn’t really pay attention in class.
      I think one of my classmate is always daydreaming at class, maybe he’s doing the same thing as you lol.

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