1000 Views for Rrowbyte!

So today or was it yerterday?, maybe yesterday because I just opened my account today. So enough with the talk and let’s start! Time to celebrate!




We finally reached 1000 views for Rrowbyte (1016 views in total and 657 visitors)! I didn’t think that I’ll go this far, thank you everybody for the support! I remember when I first started blogging about anime reviews like that. At first, I can’t think of any words to write about my blog, so It really took me a long time to write about something before I can even publish my blog. But for now I guess everything went easy and I actually started to write faster than before. I guess it’s because of you guys.

Thank you guys for the support. Even the little visit and those little likes and comments makes me really happy. I’m happy that I can write about what I love to do, and some people will agree with what I write. Once again, thanks guys !!!!!!!


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