3-Day Quote Challenge! Day 3 (Last Day!)

So for my last day of the 3-Day Quote Challenge comes from my favorite manga. Kaneki Ken’s quote from the anime or the manga Tokyo Ghoul.


I will just keep my explanation really simple. If you have red the manga of Tokyo Ghoul, you will know that Kaneki really didn’t deserve all of the things that have happened to him. It’s just how the world works, this shows that the world is not really nice, at some times the world can be pretty cruel. Just one happening then BAM!, the whole life of Kaneki changed forever.

I chose this quote not because it has a similarity in my life, but it does sometimes. The world is really unexpected, you will never know what will happen in your life in the near future, it might be nice or it might be cruel.

So that ends the 3-Day Quote Challenge here, it was fun blogging this challenge and I really enjoyed it, once again, thanks Kausus for the challenge.

Now I will nominate, or challenge rather, the three chosen ones:
1. Citrus Anime Reviews
2. Daiyamanga
3. Sebastian’s Blog

I just realized today that I have to nominate 3 other bloggers per post, since I don’t know much bloggers. I just nominated at the end of the 3-day quote challenge. lol I didn’t read the instructions carefully.


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