Charlotte, Episode 7 Review

It’s been a week since this episode was released but I’m still going to give this episode a review because the amount of feels of this about is too damn high.

So, it has been confirmed –SPOILER ALERT- Ayumi is dead, yeah that’s right, she is dead, no more pizza sauce nano desu . I’m still thinking that Ayumi is not dead but who knows. Maybe she was being experimented by the scientists or she is really dead. So it’s a 50/50 chance that she is dead or alive.

Now, what happened to Yu? I can say that he really got depressed. The change of his attitude and personality was really big. Is this the effect of losing someone you love? Guys, do you relate with Yu? Because in my opinion, this is a real case scenario when you lose someone you love, you do things that you aren’t supposed to do and you get really depressed and want to be alone.

The feels factor here is off the limits. It’s 9001 (if you get it, I highly respect you). I was glad that Nao stopped Yu from doing drugs, because that is the last thing you will do before you start to lose yourself. Then it became sadder when Nao invited Yu to eat some food. Nao prepared an egg omelet, of course with the Otosaka’s Secret Family Sauce.

Nao said that Yu just needed to take one bite then he can do whatever he wants. Yu ended up eating the whole thing. Now, Yu decided to come back to the Student Council. Smart move Nao, smart move indeed. Great episode we have here, really enjoyed this episode because this episode made a hole in my heart, really, thanks.


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