Attack on Titan Live Action Movie: Part 1 – Review

I finally decided to watch this movie. Now the first thing that I’m gonna say, I need the part 2 now! Part 2 will not come out until September. So more and more and more waiting for me, Yay! (sarcasm intensifies)

My impression for this movie is neither good nor bad, just normal. A lot of people were saying that it was bad, well I can understand why some people call it bad. The story is rushed, the acting was ok but in my opinion, it needs some improvement, ok, here is one thing that I questioned myself. There were like vehicles in the movie, where are the horses? This was like the long time ago, they mixed in some modern stuffs, I mean, I think I saw a scene where they used a modern gun.

The titans in my opinion needs more improvement, they look a lot like humans and was not really that creepy. Maybe some little tweaks and some improvements will be ok to make those titans more creepy.

Some characters from the anime were not here in the movie. Well this is a live action movie, so it’s only natural that some characters would not be included. But where is Levi? Seriously guys, no Levi? I seriously want Eren to get beaten up by Levi again lol.

My mind is battling wherein if the effects was good or not. I guess I’ll go with the middle. It needs more improvements because the effects didn’t stand out too well. But the blood was really realistic, I like the blood effects in my opinion, yeah, just the blood.

Changes in the story here, changes in the story there. Story was changed big time. Let’s just wait for the part 2 and let’s see on how they will adapt with the new storyline. So I will give the part 1 of this movie a rating of 7/10.


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