Durarara!! x2 Ten, Episode 7 Review

This episode was really awesome, we got to see some of Mikado’s dark side. Mikado is starting to really change, he is getting more badass for each episode, well although he have little to no screen time, his personality changes bit by bit. I didn’t expect that he was the one that was wearing the mask.

So the stalker, finally decided to make a move. I seriously thought that Shinra will die in this episode because of the ending of Episode 6. Well, rest assured, he didn’t die. Celty made it in time to take Shinra to the hospital. The stalker will be in trouble if he would be found out.

Now, one awesome thing happened today. Kida finally came back to Ikebukuro, and also he met one of a Blue Square member wearing a mask which is fighting the stalker, that Blue Square member is actually Mikado. Finally ! It’s really going good for each episode. Kida is again trying to form again the Yellow Scarves. So, what are your thoughts? I think that there is one hell of a gang war that is going to happen. I’m guessing that Mikado will become a manipulator just like Izaya.


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