Razer Store Manila Opening: Part 1


The first Razer Store in Manila had their opening yesterday at SM North Annex. My friends and I decided to go the opening. Man, there were lots and lots of people. The line was really really long and there are really many people who have their Razer Peripherals with them. Well, because for the first 100 people in line who have their Razer Peripheral with them will receive a free Razer Kraken Pro Neon, while the first 500 people in line who attended the opening will get freebies. The organizer will give a black tag as a kind of identification if you are the first 100 or first 500 in line. Well, we were really lucky because we received a black tag but we don’t know if we were the first 100 in line or first 500 in line.

At first when we arrived, we want to give up because the line was already long. But we decided to go to the line, so we did. We were just originally planning to watch the Attack on Titan Live Action Movie, coming to the Razer Store Opening were just our side quest (RPG LOL). But really the line was really long, I thought that we would not make it because we were in the middle of the line. Well, you know what will happen if you are in the middle of the line. You will get really squeezed. But I’m really happy because me and my friends made it and we all received a black tag. We also met some gamers who plays the same game like us (League of Legends).


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