God Eater, Episode 4 Review

So finally the Episode 4 of God Eater was out. I think it got delayed for a week because maybe of some certain reasons of the producer.

Now the 1st Unit Squad is now complete, and they’re now ready to kick some Aragami ass. Although this episode was epic, it does have a sad part, I mean really, you will feel really both sad and angry at the same time.

The 1st Unit Squad was set for a mission. To hunt Gboro Gboro and to extract their core. They really don’t have much communication to each other, especially Alisa which keeps on making decisions for herself. She needs cooperation and communication from her team mates in my opinion. So, guys did you also notice the opening of God Eater? Each member of the 1st Unit Squad’s past were shown from the opening, just look closely and then you will see it.

Aegis Project, mankinds last hope, a project where it will save all the lives of the people of Earth. But I have a question for you guys, will it truly save all of humanity?
Well, if you have played the game (God Eater Burst) you will know that the true story behind the Aegis Project is not what you least expected. If the storyline of the anime will follow the game exactly, I’m guessing that the Aegis Project will really differ from your expectations. It’s hard to control myself from spoiling other people lol.

The sad part here is those people that they rescued from their mission. So, the people that 1st Unit Squad rescued didn’t pass the patch test, so they aren’t allowed to enter the wall. “Only relatives or families of God Eaters are allowed to enter”, where is the equality here? They are also humans, I feel sorry for Lenka because that was a really hard decision and he can’t do anything about it. Especially the little girl, man, this hit me right in the feels. Lolis are supposed to be treasured.

Next episode, will be another mission. I’m guessing that this episode is the mission from the game. “Moon in the Welkin”, don’t look it up if you don’t want to be spoiled but it’s up to you.


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