Charlotte, Episode 6 Review

Well I didn’t expect that this episode will turn out to be really dark. So we’re now done with the character developments and now I think this is now the climax of the story. I have read some comments from the comment sections of the Episode 6 of Charlotte, a lot of people are making their own stories or making their own theories to be precise, which makes you wonder what will really happen in the next episode.

The ending was a huge cliffhanger but what really is confusing is why that “guy” showed up in the last scene of this episode. I’m not going to spoil you guys, just watch the episode if you haven’t watched it yet because maybe that certain “guy” will have a huge impact on the story.

So, what’s up with the opening? You see clocks, right? I’m guessing one thing. Yeah, that’s right. Time travelling. There are hints in the opening that there are certain characters here that are time travelers. Because some new characters in this episode are introduced. I am not really sure though, just a theory. But I have a feeling that some characters here are really time travelers, just a feeling though, not sure If I’m right or wrong.

The moment when Ayumi got sick in Episode 5, we all know that something bad will happen in the next episode. Well, we were right, something bad really happened, I did not expect that to happen. But I remember reading a comment in the net where the producer said that to anyone who dropped watching Charlotte, at least give it a chance until you reach Episode 6. Well, Episode 6 was truly great, it took a huge turn and got dark pretty quick.

So, we still have 1 week of waiting for the next episode, damn this cliffhanger! It is really interesting and makes you think on what will happen to the next episode because of that certain happening. So guys are Yuu ready for another feels trip? (sorry for my bad pun). Wait, is that pizza sauce at the ending? (sorry again).


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