3D Hologram using your smartphone

So here is my random blog for today which is on how to turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram.

Well, actually it’s really a 3D hologram illusion it just gives the 3D hologram effect because of the video you will be playing. So the only hard part here is where you will cut the plastic. It depends if the plastic that you are going to use is thick or thin.

Well mine is a little thick so I had a hard time cutting it. I made the dimensions of the trapezoid a little bigger because I thought the dimensions on the video were a little small. At first I tried it on my smartphone and it actually gave the 3D Hologram Illusion but I think it’s really small so I tried it on my iPad, which has a bigger screen and has a better 3D Hologram Illusion effect because of it’s big screen.

Here is a picture of the 3D Hologram when the lights are turned on. 11059768_1026744014005368_3714214963569886000_n

Here is a picture of the 3D Hologram when lights are turned off, well it’s better if it’s dark or just dim light so you can see the 3D Hologram really well. 11800205_1026744007338702_8344539480665981080_n

The future is here!



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